Board Meeting Schedule

"RPCC residents are encouraged to attend Board Meetings which are held the fourth Thursday of each month at 7 PM.
Meetings are held at the Beaver House, located next to the water storage tanks on Sunset."

About Rocky Point Community Club

The RPCC water system was originated in 1960 by the developer of the plat of Rocky Point. After construction and approval of the water system, the RPCC accepted ownership and responsibility for maintenance and operation. The water system's service area can accommodate up to 197 connections.

A volunteer, eight-member board serving two-year terms is elected by the membership. These officers are responsible for running our million-dollar, non-profit corporation and would appreciate assistance by members willing to help.

The Board meets monthly on the 4th Thursday of each month, 7 PM at the Well #2 office on North Sunset Drive by the reservoir and main pump station. All members of RPCC are welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings. We need your input, expertise and help to maintain this great community.

Our beach is for members of RPCC and their accompanied guests, only. It is located at the end of Brokaw Rd off Blackberry Ln. Take your ID card and key for gate. Please lock the gate behind you when entering and leaving.



To The Point

To The Point is the official publication of the RPCC.

Our newsletter carries the reports of official actions taken at the annual meeting and includes official notices. The newsletter is sent at least twice a year: One is sent in April with notice of the Annual Meeting, always held the first Saturday in May. It may include the year-end financial statement and the budget for the upcoming year.

The second newsletter is sent in June with a copy of the Minutes from the Annual Meeting and the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. Every newsletter aims to include reports from each Board member and any information the President feels is of benefit to the membership.

Be Good Neighbors. Report Suspicious Activity.
Get familiar with our Bylaws & Covenants.
Lock Beach Gate and Remove Your Trash.
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